Emergency Food Relief


Every week, Theodora’s Cheerful Givers distributes over 200 food-hampers and 1,000 pre-cooked frozen meals to families and individuals in the local community who are doing it tough. 

Our food pantry is accessible to people in need 5 days per week from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.  For people with mobility/transport limitations, we arrange for food hampers to be delivered directly to their homes by our volunteers. This free service is available when COVID-19 restrictions prevent people from attending the food pantry in person.

COVID-19 restrictions continue to be enforced in the Melbourne metropolitan area, including the Frankston region. This means long-term economic effects are now being experienced in the local community. With limited employment opportunities and reduced government support packages, many people are now faced with severe financial hardship. As they struggle to meet their rent/mortgage accommodation payments and basic living expenses. These people come to Theodora Cheerful Givers for emergency food relief, which enables what limited cash they have to be spent on other essential household items. 

Our Emergency Relief Food program helps the community in the following ways:
  1. The food we provide takes the pressure off the limited cash of families/individuals enduring poverty. Enabling them to meet other essential household expenses, and live healthier lifestyles. 
  2. Financial hardship can be a major source of stress and domestic violence within families. So, our program can assist in creating peace in the homes of people living in poverty.
  3.  Not only does poverty limit people’s social engagement, but it also carries a stigma of failure. This can lead to shame or anger and hopelessness, which in turn leads to serious mental health issues. Our food hampers and frozen meals help to lift people’s spirits. 
  4. School-age children are often excluded from school/community/sport activities. This is due to a lack of cash for discretionary spending, in these vital areas for social development. Our emergency food relief enables children to participate in a wide range of positive activities that lead to their future development as contributing citizens in the community.


If you need some emergency food relief now, visit Theodora’s Cheerful Givers at:

Foodbank & Outreach:
1/12 Govan Street, Seaford, Vic.

Monday to Friday – 10 am to 4 pm
(except public holidays)

Or contact us on 0413 807 763 to arrange delivery to your home.

If you would like to help, there are lots of ways to give or volunteer.