Generous Donations from the Jewish Community

Louise and her husband Steve learned about the care we provide to disadvantaged people in the Frankston area and they were inspired to use the Jewish New Year tradition of gift-giving to raise support for our cause.
After sending the message out on Facebook, the results were amazing as the Jewish community from all over Melbourne rallied with a huge volume of donations of groceries, Coles food vouchers (that enable us to buy meat for meals), clothing, and household goods.
Louise felt compelled to act after speaking with her friend, and founder of Theodora’s Cheerful Givers, Gina Poulos. Knowing that families were going hungry, she reached out to her JSeek community members and asked them all to donate just five basic pantry items. The next thing she knew, her double garage was filled with valuable donations to support those in need. One of the contributors was five-year-old Mila, who spent her pocket money to donate a jar of honey. Other generous donations were notably given by AJAX and the FoodFilled team and Benjy Orwin from Socks4Support.
Our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude go to all members of the Jewish community who so generously contributed.
If you have some spare pantry items and would like to donate to Theodora’s Cheerful Givers, please contact Gina on 0413 807 763 
Or make a donation