Theodora’s Cheerful Givers

Cheerfully Giving to those in need

Theodora’s House, affectionately known as Theodora’s Cheerful Givers was founded by Gina Poulos to help families and individuals experiencing financial hardship to put food on the table.

Theordora’s Cheerful Givers serves around 400 food hampers each week plus over 1000 pre-cooked frozen meals. This is made possible by the generous donations of kind hearted individuals, organisations and local businesses.
See our partners page for more details.

By shopping at our Opportunity Shop you can help us to provide this wonderful service. New address to be announced soon
Call 0413 807 763 to check for opening hours.



Gina Poulos


Gina works each week to collect and distribute food parcels for those in need. Contact Nina if you would like to donate food or volunteer. Citizen of the year winner, Frankston City Council.



Cheerful Giver

Nina works along side Gina to package and distribute food parcels for those in need.


Become a cheerful giver
We are always looking for more cheerful helpers to come and join our team.